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Preparing to Sell

Some quick tips to get you started.

Always be ready to show your home

First impressions matter - a lot. It’s always best to tidy up as much as you can, and put things away into storage. If you do not need an item for the next little while, consider storing it away while you are trying to sell your home. Try to maintain the cleanliness of your home on a daily basis as you never know when the next showing is going to be! This means keeping your countertops clean, no dishes in the sink, and clothes neatly put away. It’ll require some extra effort while you are selling your home, but it will definitely help with making the best first impression!

The first impression that a buyer will have is with the exterior of your home. This is especially important for homes with a front yard so make sure to cut the grass and trim the shrubs! To take it one step further, consider adding some outdoor decor and power washing the exterior or adding a fresh coat of paint! You may not get your money’s worth for a full renovation, but if there’s something that is simple to fix, get it done before selling! Whether it’s a loose door hinge or touching up some paint, small and quick fixes can help with selling your home.

Maximize curb appeal & make quick fixes

Removing personal items & decluttering

Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, so it is always a good idea to remove personal items such as large family photos or memorabilia. Storage space is something that is always desired when buyers are searching for a home, and tidying up your closets will help to showcase your residence. Ideally, clothing should be slightly spaced out and neatly organized to give a simple and minimalistic feel. Household supplies and cleaning tools should also be tucked away.

Take advantage of lighting! A bright home will appear more welcoming to buyers. If your home has plenty of natural light, make sure the buyers see it! If your home has some dimmer areas, consider adding some lighting or simply replace the light bulbs with brighter ones. Hiring a professional stager to come in for a consultation can produce phenomenal results, as they can assist with reorganizing your furniture and decor to represent the best use of your space and floor plan.

Showcase your home at its best

Ask a real estate specialist

Natalie Ip 葉韻儀

As someone who regularly shows and sells homes, a real estate specialist can offer specific tips and pointers to help market and sell your unique home!

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