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Legal Fees

Both notaries and lawyers can facilitate the sale of your home. The cost may vary depending on your representation and disbursement fees.



You may want to hire a stager for provide tips on reorganizing your home, or you may want the full package of having them bring in furniture and decor!


Quick Fixes

This can include simple jobs like touching up paint, adjusting or replacing hardwares and fixtures, landscape maintenance, or hiring cleaners.



Each situation is unique. Other common costs could include: arranging for pet care during showings, strata move in/out fees, or preparing extra keys.

Common Costs when Selling 



Strata fees, property tax, utility bills, and other miscellaneous charges will be calculated by your notary or lawyer prior to closing the sale. Depending on whether or not you have paid the bill already, you will either receive a credit from the buyer or be responsible for reimbursing them with your portion of the cost. This monetary difference will be reflected on your statement of adjustments when you sign the closing documents.


Storage Fees

You may want to consider renting a storage facility so that you can better showcase the space in your home to potential buyers.




This can vary depending on your lender, but if you are purchasing another home, you may be able to port your mortgage over.



Preparing for a move can involve various small costs, some of which can include: moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and furniture wrap. Large items may require disassembly or even the help of specific professionals - think grand piano! Hiring professional movers can make the transition process much smoother, as they are experienced with being efficient and have tools to safely lift heavier items.


Working with a real estate specialist 

Selling a home is no easy task, but us professionals are here to make it as easy as possible! To discuss how I can help you navigate this process, get in touch with me here! 

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